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Investigations of STEM '5L' Teaching Method
An Baosheng
Investigations of STEM '5L' Teaching Method PPT
An Baosheng
Preparing Future STEM Teachers: a holistic approach
Kar-Tin LeeT
Preparing Future STEM Teachers: a holistic approach PPT
Kar-Tin LeeT
Promoting Neuroeducation as a Trans-disciplinary Field
Wei Yu
培养未来的 stem 教师——一个整体方法PPT
Kar-Tin LeeT
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A Case Study on the Underachievement of Three College Physics Students
Kuei-fang Tsai,Tzu-chyang King,Chen-ming Chen,Chih-shen Owen Lo
Acceptance level of Junior High School Students of Network Educational Games
Guo-Wei Chen,Chung-Shan Sun
A Mixed Method Study of Promoting Student Conceptual Understanding through Simulation-supported Inquiry Instruction
Xinxin Fan, Wei Liang
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: A Cross-curricular Approach to Learning about Visuals in STEM
Merilyn (Lyn) G Carter
Argumentation as a Tool to Understand Complexity of Knowledge Integration
Mijung Kim, Robert Anthony,David Blades
A STEM High School Curriculum: Interactive Media Technology                承载 STEM 教育的校本课程开发——以《互动媒体技术》为例
Attaining and Measuring Knowledge and Beliefs among Teacher Candidates Transitioning to Teaching
Immaculate K. Namukasa
Catapulting into STEM Education: Female Students’ Interactions within a Middle School Engineering Project
Peter Hudson, Lyn D. English, Les Dawes
Developing general capabilities through FLL
David Nutchey,Vinesh Chandra
Does ‘Habitus’ Count in Chinese Australians’ Mathematics Achievement?
Guanglun Michael Mu
Drawing Connections from Modelling Distribution to Data-centric Distribution
Theodosia Prodromou
Enhancing Aviation High School Students' Interest in Physics and Engineering: An Interdisciplinary Program on Aviation Weapon Systems
Aharon Gero
Entertainment Technology to Promote Language Learning: Design and Implementation
Sun zhong,Zhang Jiqiong,Wu Minhua
ESD Starts Where STEM Stops: Integrating the Social Sciences into STEM
Julie M. Davis
Establishing STEM Educational Leadership: the RMIT SHEER Centre
Julianne J. Reid, Patricia M. McLaughlin
From Scientist to Science Teacher: A Career Change Teacher in Transition
Carmel M.Diezmann,J. Watters
High Self Efficacy Belief with High Critical Thinking Ability
Mei-Chung Lin, Mei-Fang Yang, Chien-hung Chou
Instruction of Creative Design in Elementary School Technology Education
Mathematics Learning Difficulties: An Australasian Perspective
Carmel M. Diezmann, Melissa K. Stevenson, K. Louise Mercer
Personalized Data Mining for University Curricula
RainerKnauf,YoshitakaSakurai,Kohei Takada,Setsuo Tsuruta
Reforming the Preparation of Future STEM Teachers
Kar-Tin Lee, Rod Nason
Re-imagining STEM: Peer scaffolding ICT in Initial Teacher Education
Margaret Lloyd, Michelle Mukherjee, Alberto Bellocchi
Research Needed on Cultural Capital, STEM Endeavour’s and Instructional Innovations: A Call for “Collaborations between Nations”
Peter Hudson,James Hudson
STEM Education and Sustainability in Canada and the United States
Don Herbert Krug
STEM Futures and Practice, Can We Teach STEM in a More Meaningful and Integrated Way?
Michael Berry, Christina Chalmers, Vinesh Chandra
Teacher Change: The Effect of Student Learning on Science Teachers’ Teaching in Kenya
Samson M. Nashon,David Anderson
TeacherAides and Their Pedagogical Contributions in the Underachieving Indigenous Mathematics Classroom
Gillian Kidman, Tom Cooper, Satwant Sandhu
The Complementary Potential of Multimedia and Science Demonstrations
Vinesh Chandra, David Nutchey, Ji Yong Park
The Development of Physical Vapor Deposition Technology for Use in Experimental Zirconium Nitride Modules in Nanotechnology Courses
Ming-Der Jean
The Process of Teaching Mathematics by the Use of Non-traditional Formulations of Problems and by Use of Problems with Erroneous Decisions
Alexander S. Zelenskiy
The Recruitment of STEM-Talented Students into Teacher Education Programs
Kar-Tin Lee, Rod Nason
The Study of Solving the One-dimensional Infinite Square Well Quantum System by the Students in Department of Physics
Tzu Chyang King, Kuei Fang Tsai, Chen Ming Chen
Understanding Pre-Service Teacher Conceptual Change through Slow-MotionAnimation
Gillian Kidman, Stephen Keast, Rebecca Cooper
Using theAugmented Reality for Convex Imaging Experiment
Su Cai, Feng-Kuang Chiang, Xu Wang
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A Comparison of Chinese andAustralian Early Childhood Mathematics
Jillian Fox
A Review of the High Schools of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in USA                                                 美国“科学、技术、工程和数学”(STEM)高中述评
A Study on Personnel Officers’ Satisfaction of E-Learning in Taiwan Public Colleges and Universities
Jau-Woei Chen, Chung-Shan Sun, Chu-Mei Ho
Analysing the Teaching Evaluation of the Teachers from the Secondary Vocational School in Pudong New Area Shanghai                                       上海市浦东新区中等职业学校教师的教学评价分析
An Explore Study on theApplication of Somatosensory Technique to Virtual Experiment       体感技术在虚拟实验中的应用探究
Developing Students’Engineering Concepts with Learning Module Aids             以模组教具教学建立学生工程概念
Educational Data Mining by Correlation Analysis
Rainer Knauf, Kinshuk, Yoshitaka Sakurai, Setsuo Tsuruta
Effectiveness of Constructivist Approach for Promoting Conceptual Change in Chemistry
Ahmed Sher Awan
Facilitating Prospective Mathematics Teachers’ Development of Problem Solving Knowledge for Teaching
Olive Chapman
Learning Mathematics Collaboratively or Individually
Endah Retnowati
Meeting the New Challenges: Rethinking STEM in China                   迎接新的挑战:再论 STEM 在中国
Li Dongmei, Wang Jie
Mid-Career Professionals in STEM Transiting to School Teaching: Barriers at the Border
James J Watters,Carmel M Diezmann
Parents’ Metacognitive Knowledge on Their Interactions with their Children in a Science Museum
David Anderson,Gregory Thomas
Reflective Practices In Stem Subjects: A Review, Framework and Examination of Two Studies
Lu Xiao, Immaculate Kizito Namukasa, Monica Caldeira
Scientists in Schools: Benefits of Working Together
Leonie J Rennie, Marian R Heard
Teaching from Country: Queensland Aboriginal Narratives and Teaching of the Linnaean Taxonomy in an Indigenous Classroom
Joel Serge Rioux
The Effect of Using Web Technologies to Gather Educational Research Data, and Impact on Research Results
Saeed Alshahrani,Rupert Ward, Glenn Hardaker , Martyn Walker
The Trials and Tribulations of a BYOD Science Classroom
Shaun Nykvist
Using Clickers in Calculus
Fei Xue, Jean McGivney-Burelle
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A Practitioner’s Guide to the Design of Science Animations
George Hatsidimitris, Joe Wolfe
A Study on Government—Industry—University—Research cooperation models in Wuhan Biolake   武汉光谷生物城官产学研合作模式研究
Educational Technologies in STEM: Remote Laboratories at RMIT University
Julianne J. Reid, Warren S. Nageswaran
Inspiration of STEM Education in China for the Cultivation of Interdisciplinary and Innovative Talents in the 21st Century                                  STEM 教育对中国培养适应 21 世纪复合型创新型人才的启示
Investigation of Educational Technology Training Platform Based on Moodle
Fang Jing, Xu Haomiao, Liu Hua
Learner-centredness as an Aspect of South African National Curriculum Statement
Radley Mahlobo,KennethZimba
Theory and Practice of University Scientific Education under Science Communication        科学传播视野下的大学科学教育理论与实践
To Evaluate and Delve into Science Popularization of Primary School Students--Taking No.1 Primary School of Jiugong Town in Beijingas an Example
Li Jun-ping
Worked Examples in Mathematics
Endah Retnowati
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21st Century Framework for Science Teacher Preparation: Using modern technologies to affect science teaching and learning
Marina Milner-Bolotin
BNU Instructional Innovations Workshop
Shengqu Yu,Su Cai, Guang Chen,Min Chen
Innovative Showcase Presentation: How Digital Technologies in Australian Schools promote and develop 21st Century Skills across theSTEM disciplines
Mark Lockett
Integrated STEM Teacher Professional Development
Louis S. Nadelson, Anne L. Seifert, Sandra G. Nadelson, Melinda Hamilton
Intermediate Robotics Workshop
Shaun Nykvist,David Nutchey
Kids’ STEM Convention: Inspiration / Investigation / Celebration
Jane Backhaus
Measure Resistance by a Usb Sound Card Cost Only 3 Dollor
Junjie Wu, Zhongmin Zhu, Jingzhao Yuan, Weiyi Ding
PHYSCLIPS: Multimedia Resources for Learning and Teaching Physics
George Hatsidimitris, Joe Wolfe
Robotic Workshop (Advanced)
Mark Lockett ,Lockett Yeh , Rob Clegg
Robotics Workshop (Beginner)
Vinesh Chandra,Michelle Mukherjee
Teaching Calculus in a Flipping Way
Fei Xue
The Computer graphics teaching practice and innovation
Jiangeng Lin
The Pedagogical Alliance of Science and Science Fiction: Preparing the Way for Scientists of the Future
Janice Bogstad

2nd International STEM in Education Conference• Beijing, China • 24-27 November, 2012
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