Submission Requirements


Please refer to the table below for presentation specifications.

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Type of presentation

Time allocation

Brief specification

Academic Paper Presentation 


30 minutes

Presenters may select any conventional style of presentation, but are urged to allocate one third of the time to interactive discussion. A paper for peer-review and inclusion in the conference proceedings must be submitted.



60 minutes

Involves hands-on audience participation in key concept development within one or more STEM areas. An abstract must be submitted.

Innovative Showcase


60 minutes

Involves single or multiple presenters showcasing an innovation. This original idea or adaption of an existing idea will relate to a workplace environment (e.g., tertiary institutions, schools, industries) or other educational contexts. An abstract must be submitted.

Poster Presentation


60 minutes

Involves showcasing one or more of the STEM areas. This will be accomplished in teams of two or more students per poster presentation. An abstract must be submitted.

2nd International STEM in Education Conference• Beijing, China • 24-27 November, 2012
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